Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Pleasant Surpise

A wall is one of the best area for decorating. A blank or dull wall can be transformed into something more interesting. Choosing a wall decor that is appropriate to your home's design is sometimes hard. Many said that a wall is said to be a medium of personal expression. Wall decorating includes putting a mirror, pictures, murals, canvas, paintings, decors, wallpapers and painting it. These decorations live and brighten our walls. We can use our walls to express our creativity and artistry. 

I was visiting a sick friend of mine in the block when I bumped into my college bestfriend, Sheila. I was surprised to see her near our place. And at the same time I was so glad to finally see her after 10 years. We had a small talk and she gave me her number. She invited me to go to her housewarming party the day after tomorrow. She gave me her address and we bid goodbye to each other. I went straight to my friend's house and checked her. Good thing that she's feeling okay now. I brought her some fruits and biscuits. She have a flu for almost a week now. The doctor advised her to have some rest and stay at home. .

Two days later, I went to Sheila's house. She bought a house two blocks away from us. She married a Canadian who works as a engineer of a cell phone company. They have a two-storey house with four bedrooms. They have a Mediterranean style of house. She actually designed the whole interior of the house. The walls are painted in purple. She hanged the paintings that she bought from other countries. At the living room have a big metallic tree that almost occupy the wide wall. It actually gives a unique touch of nature. She also let me see her kids bedroom and the guestrooms. Each room have a distinct designs. After we have completed our tour, we went to the patio and meet some her friends and family. 

It was a wonderful night, indeed. I got to see familiar faces and friends (that I haven't seen for years). What a small world it is.

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