Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wall Arts Using Toilet Paper Rolls


Decorating you home using the things and the wastes around is very easy and affordable. It doesn't mean that if you are using your wastes or garbage, it won't look great. It is only a matter of artistry and resourcefulness. I will share with you some Do-it-at home tips that you can try. Do-it-at home is like doing it your own. It's fun and exciting. Creating your own design and masterpiece. Hanging your own artwork is an easy and affordable way in making a dull wall interesting and impressive.

When I was cleaning the house and busy collecting all the garbage, I saw the empty toilet paper rolls which my children played earlier. I notice that it is quite plenty of them so I think of an idea on how to use it and to minimize the garbage that I need to throw away. I previously read at the website about it. I will have my own version of it.

Here are the things that you need:
empty toilet paper rolls
glue or glue sticks
glue gun
colored spray paint or acrylic paint
canvass or an old picture frame 

1. Cut the toilet paper rolls using the scissors into a half and cut the half again in order to make 4 pieces.
2. Using your glue gun, put the little pieces together. Glue it as close as possible like no gaps in the middle.
3. You can make many of these and and spray paint it. You can use gloves to avoid paint getting into your hand or nails. Decide if how many coats and color you want. 4. Once the toilet paper rolls has dried out, lay down your canvass and decide if what design you like before gluing it together.

The steps are very easy. You can also have your children try it and they can make their own designs which they can play with.

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